Threadable Pro: Private groups and access controls

At the core of any successful team that does anything is communication. You might even say communication is what defines a team in the first place. Imagine a sports team with no communication: it's just a bunch of people standing around in a field (and, just between you and me, you all look a little silly wearing the same color shirt). Our goal is to get teammates everywhere talking to one another, and to filter the information they receive intelligently so that their communication serves them well.

We've studied how companies and grassroots efforts differ, and we believe we've created a set of features that will be super useful for business, but won't be missed by a professional society, giant art project, student group, or activist organization.

Today, I'm very excited to announce the release of Threadable Pro. It includes a bunch of cool new stuff, like:

  • Private Groups: You can create a group that is only visible to its members. This is perfect for departments like HR or recruiting, or for a new initiative that you're not ready to show to the whole company yet. Organization owners can still see every group.
  • Permissions: You can set whether your members are able to invite people to the organization, create groups, change group settings, or update subscription settings for their colleagues. We believe we've created a fairly complete set of permissions, but if there's something you need that you don't see, let us know!
  • Custom Email Domain: Do you want your groups to be available someplace other than With Pro, you can use your own domain. Contact us and we'll help you sort out how best to configure your DNS to work with Threadable.
  • Google Apps Integration: Threadable can play nice with Google Docs and Calendar, letting you share with a group instead of individuals. Very soon, your members list will even automatically stay in sync with your Google Apps domain.

For a complete feature comparison, check out our pricing page.

Threadable Pro costs $5/user/month. But, if you sign up while we're in beta, you can get it for $3/user/month forever! Just visit your organization settings in the Threadable web app.

On a free Threadable, everyone who's a member can read every message, create groups, join groups, and change some settings on behalf of their teammates. This grew from our experiences working with the Wikipedia community. There, we saw first-hand how, when you assume someone will do the right thing, they will generally live up to your expectations.

We realize that this isn't the best model for everyone, though. As a business grows, it's important to keep some secrets, even from your co-workers. Sometimes you're legally required to. Threadable Pro gives you that additional control.

I'm so happy we've reached this point, and we couldn't have done it without the amazing support and feedback we've received from our users. Thank you all so much.

If you have suggestions for things you'd like to see in Threadable Free or Threadable Pro, get in touch! We'll be adding lots more features to both products in the coming months.

Are you a nonprofit or community organization that could still really use Threadable Pro? Ask us about our special nonprofit discount. It's pretty sweet.