Sync to Inbox

Back when I joined the Wikimedia Foundation, the IT staff helpfully created my email account a week before I started work. When I showed up, I had a week's worth of email sitting in my inbox. I could get caught up on everything right away. It meant I could hit the ground running, and saved me hours of searching for the info I needed to get up to speed. I was doing meaningful work on day one.

Now, you can have that same experience any time you join a new group. Threadable keeps track of which messages you've received, and you can tell us to send you what you missed! Just visit any conversation you're receiving in the Web View, and you'll have the option to sync the missing messages.

Use this feature when you've just joined a group, if you mute a conversation and then change your mind, or if you follow something new (see our next blog post for more on follow). Sync the last few days of conversations, and get started right away! Turn off your Threadable email while you're on vacation, then sync the important stuff when you get back!

We've never seen this feature in another product, so we're really curious how you'll make use of it. If you have feedback or suggestions, please get in touch at