Remove all the things!

Over the past months, we've spent a lot of time making it easy to get your communications into Threadable and into the hands of your teammates. Last week we spent a little time making it easy to remove things, too.


Threadable's web view now has a trash can. To move a conversation to the trash, just click delete while viewing it on the web. You can't reply to it while it's there, but it's easy to un-delete it. To find it in the trash, check the bottom of the left hand menu.

If a conversation stays in the trash for 30 days, it's deleted from our servers forever. Be careful!

Removing a conversation from a group via email

You've always been able to add a conversation to a group by CC'ing your reply to the new group, but if you wanted to remove a conversation from a group, you had to visit the Threadable web view.

It worked this way because we didn't want the conversation's groups to be reverted if someone replied to an earlier message. It would be impossible to move a conversation that's been mis-addressed, or to create a new group to categorize existing conversations. So, add-only, no remove via email. This was confusing, though. If you write an email and don't address it to someone, it shouldn't go to them!

Last week, we added some clever new header parsing code. Now you can remove a conversation from a group by writing back to it and removing the group from the reply's To: header. Threadable will do what you expect, but if you move a conversation into a new group, it'll still stay moved!

This is possible because Threadable's email processing backend gives us a lot of information about your messages and the other messages that are related to it. So we can do the right thing, every time.