Public Signup is here!

Until now, your Threadable organization has been invite-only. This is great for a small, close-knit team. But, efforts like big volunteer organizations, community initiatives, open-source projects, and political campaigns need to be able to leave the door unlocked.

You now have the option to enable a beautiful public signup page! Once you turn it on, anyone can add themselves to your organization. No more inviting new users. Just send them the link. Post it to your blog! Put it on the wiki! Post it by the coffee machine!

Here's what a public page looks like now:

We'll be giving you more options to customize it for your unique organization soon. And, like all of Threadable, the public signup page is responsive and works great on mobile.

To get your public signup page, have an organization's owner visit the Organization Settings pane in the Threadable web app.