Even more control over your inbox.

People are constantly telling me that they get too much email. In fact, it's the #1 issue I hear about online communication.

This matters to us a lot at Threadable, and I'm really excited to tell you about some new features that give you an unprecedented level of control over what arrives in your inbox.

One of our most popular features is "Mute", which lets you stop a conversation in one of your groups from showing up in your inbox.

Now, you can follow conversations you weren't getting, too! Instead of joining a whole group, you can cherry pick just the things that are most important to you. Look for the "Follow" button in the Threadable web view. And, once you've followed a conversation, you can sync any messages you might have missed into your inbox!

Any time you reply to a conversation, you'll follow it automatically.

Follow from a summary

Threadable will send you a daily summary of all the conversations in a group. I use this feature to keep tabs on other teams. I can get a sense of what's happening, and participate where I'm needed without being overwhelmed.

Now, you can follow and sync a conversation directly from the summary! This means you can get one easy message a day, and pick the conversations that look most interesting to receive in real-time.

First message mode

"But Ian", you say, "sometimes a summary is too slow! I want to know what's happening right away, but I don't want to participate in every discussion." We heard you, and we added a third delivery mode just for you!

If you choose first-message mode for a group, you'll receive the very first message of any conversation. Then, you can follow it if it looks interesting. When you follow, we'll catch you up on the thread, so you don't have to worry about missing anything.

To turn on summaries or first-message mode, visit the group's members, find the member whose settings you want to change, and click their name. You'll get a dropdown that lets you change the the delivery method.