Addressing changes, and subdomains!

tl;dr: The format of Threadable email addresses has changed, and "Ungrouped" mail has been replaced with a group instead. This probably doesn't affect you, but it might mean your email filters need an update. It also enables us to do a bunch of cool new things.

We've been up to a lot here at Threadable HQ. We're getting ready to roll out some exciting new features, but to make those possible, we had to make a few changes first:

Introducing subdomains, and the new Threadable email address format!

Every Threadable organization now has a subdomain. To illustrate, here's an example:

You have an organization called "Sammy's Burger Palace", at You also have two groups:

Now with subdomains, there's a new, with the following addresses:

Personally, I think these new addresses are prettier, and they should also be easier to understand. More importantly, it will be possible to replace with your own domain. We'll be releasing that feature soon!

Important note: All the email addresses you were using still work, and will continue to work forever, even going back to addresses at We've just added a new format, and changed what gets sent on outgoing mail. There is no need to update your address book.

No more "ungrouped" mail

Messages sent to your organization's main address used to show up in "Ungrouped" in the Threadable web application. That worked okay, but we have lots of important new features coming up that depend on groups: things like access control, external task manager integration, group-level aliasing, translation, and Google Apps integration. We don't want your ungrouped mail to get left out of all these exciting new developments!

Also, it was impossible for a conversation to exist in ungrouped and a group simultaneously. This occasionally caused problems in some discussions.

So, ungrouped is now a thing of the past. Instead, your organization has a "primary" group, which is where mail sent to is routed. The primary group is named for your organization. So, using the example above, the primary group is called Sammy's Burger Palace.

New list-id precedence for more effective filtering

If you filter your Threadable mail into different mailboxes, you probably do it based on the List-Id: header. Since we only ever want to break filters once, we decided to take this opportunity to fix the group/organization precedence in that header.

Previously, the header was written like, so mail to the Cooks group at Sammy's would have a List-Id of Those have been reversed, so now it's

This means that if you want to filter just the cooks group, you'd create a filter for Or, if you wanted to filter all mail for the organization, you could make one for instead. That was much more complicated before.

Oh, and the primary group mentioned above has its own List-Id, too:

We might have broken your email filters. We're sorry!

Speaking of mail filters, you might notice that Threadable mail is suddenly getting around yours. I'm really sorry about that! If there was a way to make these changes without breaking anyone's mail filters, we'd have done it. It just wasn't possible.

We took great care to make sure we wouldn't be changing anything about our addressing or List-Id format again, so you can be sure you'll only have to fix your filters once.

And, of course, if you run into trouble, just email us at We'd be more than happy to help you get things working just right.